We need to create a Tasmania that stands on its own two feet and is open for business.

I have long held the view that Tasmania can do better. We need to have a strong economy to attract investment, provide jobs and generate the revenue needed to ensure that Government can provide Tasmanians with the services they need in health,             education and police and public safety.

All Tasmanians should have the opportunity to receive a good education, get a job, start a business and raise a family. All Tasmanians should have the choice to live here in this beautiful State rather than being forced to the mainland for work because the jobs just aren’t here and importantly if people do leave to explore the world they need the opportunity to come home again to good jobs and a quality standard of living. The Tasmanian Liberal Government in which I am proud to hold the position of Treasurer has a strong plan that will restore confidence by providing stable majority government and that will rebuild a modern economy supported by our competitive advantages in agriculture and aquaculture, forestry and mining, tourism and energy all underpinned by a stronger education system. I trust that you will find what you need on this site and if you need any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me.



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2015-16 Budget


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